Shapical X

Shapical X

Shapical X is a revolutionary photo editor that lets you add beautiful graphics to images and apply stunning effects. It relies on powerful technologies all packed into a sleek interface. Shapical X is a brand new way to edit your photos.

Use the Power of iOS with Shapical X


3D Touch (SOON)

3D Touch makes using Shapical X more natural and intuitive.


iPhone X

Shapical X delivers amazing iPhone X experience.

iOS 12

iOS 12

Shapical X is fully compatible with iOS 12.


Photos Integration (SOON)

Photos app integration lets you make changes to the original image.



Support for importing and exporting HEIF images.


iCloud Sync (SOON)

iCloud support allows you to sync your last added objects across all your devices.


Metal (SOON)

Metal-based Smudge tool lets you reshape areas of an image with unprecedented speed and quality.



With OpenGL ES 3.0, Shapical X gives outstanding image editing performance.


64-bit Architecture

Based on 64-bit architecture, Shapical X gives you desktop-class performance.

Get Creative with Layers

We introduced Layers to make the editing process simple and intuitive.

Start Editing Right Away

You don’t have to spend time learning how to use the app. We built the app with the goal of making the editing process simple and fun.

Fine-Tune Every Setting

From the Layers screen you can quickly access and change every setting of the object effects. From here, you can also edit layer masks and remove objects completely.

Use Drag & Drop Editing

Tap a layer to make it active. Hold and drag to change the order of layers. Press “+” to create a layer with a new object.

See Every Layer

With Layers you can keep track of every object you add to your photo. Swipe layer to the left to merge it with the background to make final adjustments to the image.

Create Your Own Lines and Shapes

Custom Objects* tool allows you to design unique lines and shapes yourself and use them in your editing.

RGB Smudge Modes

With RGB Smudge modes* it is easy to create a split color distortion effect on any shape or even the background image.

* Available as an in-app purchase.

Unsplash collection of beautiful photography is just a tap away.

Unsplash is one of the biggest (and most vibrant) creative communities on the internet and we are happy to have them on board.

Shapical X is available for free download for most iOS and Android devices.




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